November 15: The Penultimate 2020 Meeting

A huge shout-out to the Metro Tabletop community for yet again being awesome! You made our penultimate 2020 meeting a great success.

Don’t forget the next meeting (the 6th of December) is our last for 2020 – we’ll be back again on the 3rd of January. Let’s make our last meeting for the year a cracker!

Righto, as usual, photo dump follows:

After Action Report #5

Thank you all yet again for making our latest meeting a huge success! Sunday had a solid turnout and many games were being played – and a good mix too, from Warhammer 40,000 to Mortem et Gloriam to Lord of the Rings and some board games.

Even 1st Edition Warhammer 40,000 got a look in. We look forward to again seeing you all next meeting for even more gaming. May your dice always roll high!

Until then, here is the latest photo dump:

After Action Report #3

A big thankyou to everybody who attended our last meeting yesterday. As usual, it was a good time for all, the weather was fantastic (not that we played any games outdoors, but eh) and enjoyable games, as usual, were had.

And some of us left rather heavily inspired about Battlefleet Gothic, but that’s a whole another story…

Hope to see you all again next meeting!

Inaugural General Meeting – Complete

Thank you to everyone who attended our Inaugural General Meeting. We now are now properly set up and ready to make sure this gaming machine is rolling along smoothly for everyone.

As for actual gaming, we had some visually attractive games happening. As usual members brought out their toys and had some great games. (Photos are below.)

See you all next meeting!

Inaugural General Meeting

Greetings all!

The very next meeting of Metro Tabletop will be our Inaugural General Meeting, where we formalise our club’s organisation. We encourage everyone who wishes to become a member long term to attend and contribute to the future of their club. We project that this meeting should last for a total of 30 minutes, after which gaming will resume in earnest (after all, that is why we are all here).

We will be taking nominations for committee positions (not via Facebook). These will be received and accepted on the day. Expressions of interest are, however, welcome on the Facebook group here:

The positions that will be voted on include:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • One additional Committee member

The meeting will be held Sunday week, 10am on the 19th of July at our current venue, the Old School, Ross Street Glenbrook. The actual start time for the official proceedings is still to be confirmed, but gaming will be welcome before and afterwards, so plan your games as usual.

Thankyou all and see you all there!

The Event page for this meeting can be found on Facebook here:

Our First Meeting!

Thanks to everyone who attended today (and is still attending most likely as I type this). Today had a great turnout and a good variety of games being played. I am sure this number will only grow as the venue is comfortable and quite pleasant, and very close to trains, the highway and the shops. Parking is easy too.

Pictures speak louder than words, so here’s a photodump of today’s games. A good day overall. See you all again in two weeks!